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Our company Mechanic and Techs LLC was created to address the immediate and long term mechanic and technician hiring crisis in the Heavy Equipment Repair Industry today. In the Diesel Repair Industry we are considered to be the premier Tech recruiting company in the United States. Our company is dedicated to the active recruitment of Diesel Equipment  and Diesel Engine Mechanics for corporate and privately owned businesses.

Our clients both large and small currently have hundreds of  jobs open they need M&T to fill quickly. Our clients offer Top Pay, Great Benefits and Needed Training to fill their open positions quickly.

Also keep in mind – if the economy in the area you’re currently working is slowing down just ask about our free relocation program – and go where the money is!!!                                                       

WE ARE RE-LOCATION EXPERTS!!!  Most our clients will help with re-location costs for the right person.

If you’re a level 1, 2, 3, or Senior Level 4 mechanic you will find as you read over our site that your skills are in critical demand in almost every city and state in the U.S. With M&T you can choose wherever you prefer to live and we will arrange job offers and interviews before you even get to town. 

We specialize in working with mechanics who are currently employed but looking for a EXCITING, long term career opportunity.  

Please read over our site to learn more about our company and find out -why in today’s market your valued skills may be worth far more than you think!

Our service is 100% free. No cost to you ever!. 


What does our company do?

Our job is not to just find you a job. Our job is to match your skills with a company who values your true current capabilities, understands your potential to learn and grow and who is willing to offer a fair going wage for your services. … read more

Who is Mechanics and Techs?

Currently we have more jobs to fill than available Mechanics to fill them. Many of our clients have grown weary of dealing with unqualified applicants … read more .

Why are wages going up so high?

It’s simple – supply and demand. There is an estimated shortage of over 200.000 diesel mechanic techs today and that  number will only increase year after year. … read more.

Relocation Specialists

We specialize in working with Mechanics wanting to relocate to another city, state or who are willing to travel overseas. We also recruit and work closely with military veterans and trade school graduates. … read more .

Are you a DIESEL MECHANIC, HEAVY EQUIPMENT MECHANIC, DIESEL ENGINE TECHNICIAN and not sure you’re getting paid what your worth in today’s job market?

Well you’re not alone.

Your Resume Does Your Talking For You – But what is it really saying?

The number one cause of Techs not finding work or not being paid what their worth is simplya bad resume. Does it always seem that all the good companies you would really like to work for never call? Your resume reflects who you are and what you can do. It is also likely your only chance and method to send a hiring company a message that tells them what you can do for them. Take the chance now to review your resume and make the needed changes – it could make all the difference in you being selected for a great position – or being passed over again. 



Industries We Recruit For

  • Agricultural
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Crane
  • Diesel Engine
  • Diesel Truck/Trailer
  • Forestry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Offshore
  • Marine
  • Road Building
  • Rental
  • Municipalities
  • Governmental
  • Demolition
  • Pipeline


5364312_lMechanics and Techs recruits for many of the larger corporate businesses in the Diesel Industry as well as many smaller privately owned companies. We need you – and they need you. The number of clients asking for our help finding good qualified people is increasing daily. The good news is –  it allows Mechanics And Techs to offer multiple positions in every state and in or near all mid to large size cities.

Our company currently has more client requests to fill their open Tech positions than available Techs to fill them. We have requests to recruit and fill open positions now and to locate additional mechanics for up-coming projects. If you’re looking for a job today or in the near future, you’ve come to the right place!