sal dieselAre you a Diesel Equipment Mechanic, Diesel Engine Specialist or Diesel Technician and not convinced you’re getting paid what you’re really worth? Well, you’re not alone. Everyone knows Mechanic wages have been steadily increasing for some time now. Smart mechanics are searching now for the right job to maximize their future earning potential.

Many qualified Level 3 and 4 mechanics through no fault of their own are still stuck in Level 2 jobs that are paying them $20 to $24 an hour while their mechanic friends down the road doing the same type work make $28 to $35 an hour and in some areas much more. We’re not trying to imply the company paying in the $20 range is bad, it just may be the max that company can afford to pay. Companies now know that long gone are the days when a company might have 4 or 5 mechanics and they all made under $22 an hour.

If you feel you are more qualified and could and should be making more your we can show you based your area of country, years of experience, training, and sector you work in – say construction, mining, rental or marine exactly what you could be earning. To have a top paying job you have to work for a top paying company with great growth potential and excellent benefits. We know where those jobs are!

OILWe also know mechanics are a loyal bunch and changing jobs can be tough – but let’s face it, being a mechanic is also tough and the challenges of just doing the job daily takes it’s toll on a person over time. Mechanics have families to support just like everyone else and if you find the right job in today’s market, you and your family can afford to live very well.

Mechanics along with other professions such as electricians, nurses, teachers and many others are in high demand. When employers need qualified people those that can offer the best combination of work conditions, expected pay and great benefits usually get first pick. Mechanics and Techs is successful because our clients want and we provide them …first look at the best techs available. Again, it is all about supply and demand.

We strive to work with clients and companies who are willing to offer top wages and great benefits based on both formal training as well as on the job training. And as said, it’s all absolutely free to you!

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