Are you a Diesel Equipment Mechanic, Diesel Engine Specialist or Diesel Technician and not convinced you’re getting paid what you’re really worth? Well, you’re not alone. Check out some of the info below to find out exactly what you should be earning today in your particular field of work and in your current location. Use our rate calculator to see what you could be making in other states and around the country.


Here are some statistics to get you started:


How your pay rate is calculated


When calculating your pay rate, employers first consider the overall condition of your local and state economy. Recent business outlook studies show that in every state, the need to fill all levels of Diesel Mechanics Jobs and Equipment Technician jobs (including Diesel Equipment Mechanics, Diesel Equipment Specialists and Diesel Technicians) is not only growing, but expected to grow year after year. Our industry partners such as Caterpillar and others confirm that the need for qualified Diesel industry specialists is growing.


Factors that are driving up wages


The number one reason that wages for diesel industry mechanics and technicians are going up is that many of the most qualified workers in the industry found work elsewhere during the Diesel Service Sector pullback of 2008. Now that the industry has geared back up and the need for skilled workers has escalated, the industry as a whole is paying better wages for quality people.


All this, combined with the fact that young people have not entered our industry in adequate numbers for quite some time, has made for a hiring boom. Good businesses are looking to hire quality workers in order to sustain their expected long term business growth.


Right now, in the US alone, there is an estimated 28,000-38,000 Mechanic positions that are unfilled. That translates to great paying jobs in just about every state.