As we said, Many working mechanics tell us, “I am not actively out seeking another job but if the Right Opportunity came along I would certainly consider it”  We fully understand and respect that, certainly no one can blame you for looking out for your career.

And as an example a dealer may tell us – we’re really not out there looking for anyone yet – but if you come across someone that is pretty good on Construction equipment, knows trucks and can do some welding – I could sure use them. That is a job you will never see in the newspaper or on some outdated job board – but the just the type our recruiters at M&T often find and fill.

As we said, our job is not to just find you a job – our job is to match your skills with a company who values your true current capabilities, understands your potential to learn and grow and who is willing to offer a fair going wage for your services.Our clients have openings for all skill and knowledge levels and value your prior formal training and On the Job training. .

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