Currently we have more jobs to fill than available Mechanics to fill them.

Many of our clients prefer to utilize the services of our company because they have grown weary of dealing with unqualified applicants who knowingly misrepresent their capabilities.

It is not uncommon to advertise for a high level tech today and receive 30 responses or more from people who have never worked on a diesel engine or repaired a single piece of diesel equipment in their life. No company has the time to talk with or interview all those unqualified applicants.The last option for many employers seeking to fill a open positions today is to run a costly newspaper advertisement or job board ad that brings in far too many unqualified applicants.

Our clients trust Mechanics and Techs to recommend only those applicants who we truly feel qualify for the position. Our clients simply want to know, does the applicant have the skills needed to perform the job?

As we state elsewhere on our site, the days are long gone where someone with just a little knowledge and a few tools could call themselves a qualified mid to high level diesel mechanic. There are available jobs for all and our clients need and hire all levels from trainee’s looking for a financially rewarding career to Level 4 Senior Mechanics or Techs.

This highly visible and quality website is just an example of how our partners and clients (your potential employers) fund our services to help get their message out and hopefully add you to their team.

There is never any cost to you for utilizing our recruitment firm. Most of our clients have multiple locations and multiple open positions. They are happy to help support our  costs for bringing them great employees.

With our company you can pretty much choose wherever you want to live. Just pick a city and we will have you a job lined up before you even get there. Many employers pay relocation and moving expenses to those wanting or willing to relocate.

Ask your wife tonight – if she could pick any city to live in where would it be? Let us know, it never hurts to look at all your opportunities.