How did the Mechanic crisis happen?

It’s simple – supply and demand.There is an estimated shortage of over 200.000 diesel mechanic techs today and the number of openings will only increase year after year.

It’s no secret there are far more Heavy Equipment Mechanic/Technician jobs open than qualified mechanics to fill them. All you need to do to confirm that is drive down almost any major street in most cities and count the number of Mechanic Wanted signs in front of diesel equipment dealers and construction companies.

The number one reason for the shortage is – the diesel industry as a whole saw a huge pull back in business beginning around 2008. In the following years many companies were forced to cut back on their best service employees. Luckily, most found suitable employment in other occupations but unfortunately many have not returned as our industry gears back up.

heavy equipment workersCombine the above with the fact young people for some time have not entered our industry in adequate numbers to sustain expected business growth. You can then understand why it has become a hiring nightmare for diesel related businesses looking to hire quality people.

Right now there is a tremendous mechanic hiring crisis in the U.S. and around the world and it’s getting worse!